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Can anyone provide some assistance on good organizational tips on managing SAN. I would like to keep better documentation on the configureations etc. I dont want to save everything.
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Hi DLau,

You'll likely find some useful information at
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That's a huge question. Whenever I think I've got everything I need, I find it isn't enough. Here are my essentials:
1. Save configurations to a laptop. On my MA8000's (subsystem), this means doing show this, show other, show raidset, show connections, show units & show disks

2. Keep drawings, visio if possible, with specific port connection info. Storage to fibre switch to server.

3. Keep a spreadsheet of subsystem software, WWN's & serial numbers.

4. Be as exact as you can with reason. For instance I want to update my Visio drawings to have for each fibre connection to the switch, a unix controller number.

5. Try and get a management appliance. They will tend to do alot of what I've said.

6. Standardize, standardize, standardize.
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