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p6300 problem after problem

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p6300 problem after problem

We are having a lot of problems with our p6300, we are wondering if others are experiencing similar issues. This is what's happened so far:


Drive enclosure power supplies started repeatedly failing and recovering in 3 of the 6 enclosures (about two months ago) with critical errors like this: "A drive enclosure power supply component has failed" and "A drive enclosure power supply is improperly installed or missing". Troubleshooting this involved reseating power supplies (multiple times), replacing power supplies, and finally upgrading XCS from 10001000 to 11001000. XCS upgrade seems to have resolved that particular problem


Unfortunately one of the power supply replacements caused a new critical error to pop up: "Temperature of Enclosure Link Module is at a critical level Enclosure: 4 ;  Bay: 0". This one has been a drawn out, multi-outage troubleshooting nightmare. Attempts to fix this included reseating both power supplies (again), replacing both power supplies (a second time now), replacing the enclosure midplane (full site outage), replacing the enclosure Fan Interconnect board & cable (another full site outage), replacing both fans, and replacing both IO modules. IO Module B replacement seems to have addressed this one.


Yet another critical error arose when replacing fan 2: " A drive enclosure fan module is not operating properly". This fan was reseated after its initial install as a first attempt to resolve the new error. Next step is to replace this new fan with a new fan.


We'd love to hear any feedback from other p6300 shops. Please let us know what your experience with this storage system has been.