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question on Hyper-V (with MSA 2000) cluster design

Gert S.
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question on Hyper-V (with MSA 2000) cluster design


I have a design question on a Hyper-V on ProLiant and HP MSA 2000i clustered environment.

I'm not sure about the best design in terms of performance and future scalability

Before we had 2 Hyper-V machines each accessing their own storage on a SAN in 2 separate datacenters. Both servers were connected to their own SAN Disk cabinets with 2 separate subnets per SAN. Now I'm trying to configure the machines as a Hyper-V cluster so they will need shared access tot one of the SANs (using Cluster Shared Volumes).

The SAN enclosures each have 2 controllers with 2 network ports on them. That makes 4 networkports per enclosure.

In this diagram you can find the setup as is now.

The second diagram is one of the possibilities of what it can become.

These are L3 schemes. But I'm not sure how to physically wire all this.

What is not totally clear to me is:
- How many subnets do I need for storage?
A. 2 seperate subnets per SAN enclosure (so a total of 4 subnets)
which would also mean that every server needs 4 network ports to have redundant access
B. just 2 subnets (making both SAN enclosures part of these 2 subnets)

- How do I wire all this to make it fully redundant?

- How many VLANs do I need?

- How do I make the heartbeat subnet fault tolerant (dividing it over 2 switches)?

Does anyone know of Microsoft or HP documentation discussing these things in greater detail? I don't seem to find a lot of documentation on these design issues.

Anyone has a similar setup?

Thanks a lot. All help is appreciated.

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