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repurposing old MSA P2000

Tom Lyczko
Super Advisor

repurposing old MSA P2000

We're replacing our MSA P2000 SAN (with P2000 disk shelf attached).

It used to be vSphere storage.

What's the best way to repurpose/re-use it as additional secondary storage??

It's presently an iSCSI SAN, where can I find out how I might be able to re-use it or do something else with it to make this particular storage available for say, storing archived backups??

We also have a retired DL360 G7 that could be connected to this SAN if that would help make this idea possible, but I don't know what parts must be added to the G7 to make it work with the P2000 to better expose the P2000 Veeam hopefully for backup copy jobs.

The G7 can be set up with whatever OS necessary, plenty of CPU and RAM.

Thank you, Tom