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san Expansion

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san Expansion

I have a SAN with (10) 36.5 GIG drives they are currently setup with raid 1+0 per pair of drives so I have (5) 36.5 mirrored drives, lot of wasted space. I would like to convert to RAID 5 and I have 2 more 36.5 to work with. I tried to convert the raid 1+0 to raid 0 then add the two new drives to that array expanded the logical drive and migrate to raid 5. is there a better / easier / safer way
would like to do it slowly and convert the mirrors to the raid 5 one set of drives at a time, then move data. seems a little safer
windows 2000
thanks !
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Re: san Expansion

You can't expanse the raid space directly,you need to backup all data then redconfig the raid.
And you can use the Volume manager software to extend the space under logical volume.