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set up new MSA 2040

Tom Lyczko
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set up new MSA 2040

Appears the best way to set up our new MSA 2040 is with virtual disks.

I can set up one virtual pool, split it to 2 vdisks, each of which has one LUN??

Then when we want to add more storage disks we add the disks to the virtual pool and then we either increase the vdisk sizes or make a new vdisk??

Right now we have all SAS disks in it and if we put more nearline/slower disks to be the archive tier, do the additional disks become part of the current virtual pool?? part of a new pool?? or do we just add the newer disks to the vdisks??

Thank you, Tom

P.S. The manual would be a LOT better if it had examples. And I've been trying for several days to log into HP support so I can ask support but the site never responds, therefore I can't log in...

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Re: set up new MSA 2040


you should know that there are two types of pools virtual and linear

if you create a virtual pool you can add more virtual disk groups to it but they should be of the same raid level you can not add disks to a virtual disk group. if you create a linear pool and you have one linear disk group in it you are limited to 16 disks in a group but you can add disks up to that limit.

read this manual 

HPE MSA 1040/2040 SMU Reference Guide

also a pool is active on one controller and best practice is to create on virtual disk per pool

HP MSA 1040/2040 Best Practices