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shared folders vanished


shared folders vanished

Hi guys,


I've got one HP Storage Works P2000 FC which is connected to our file server. this file server has connected another SAN (MSA 2012 FC) also. 3 of the 5 last mondays we found all the shared folders (only the shares, not the fisical folders) had vanished only in the units of P2000 and we had to recreated it.


Does anybody know what could be the problem?


Many thanks for your help

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: shared folders vanished

Hi, so the shared folders on your Windows server is disappearing? They are not disappearing on the P2000?

On the P2000 you can check the logs, or on the SAN-switch if if you have that, if you want to check if there was something wrong with the SAN. As for why shares disappear on Windows .. did the server reboot? Maybe the shares needs to be configured to be permanent somehow?

Re: shared folders vanished

Hi Johan,


first of all, thanks for you quick reply.


I don't really know if we are talking about the same, sorry for my English. I'm going to try to explain in other way. The shares are disappearing on Windows but not the folder on the units. I.e.. I've got the path d:\folderA\folderB, I share folderB as share1 then I'm able to browse \\servername\share1.

Then, one Monday I test it and I'm not able to browse \\servername\share1. I check the folder in the server and it exists, d:\folderA\folderB, but the share has disappeared and I have to recreate it. I hope I'm explaining well..


I checked the P2000's logs and there isn't anything odd or alert. I've got plugged it on 8/20 q FC switch and there is no alerts either. The server didn't reboot, the SAN neither. All the shares are permanent (or at least I think so :p)