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single to dual I/O module on MSA30 and MSA1500

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single to dual I/O module on MSA30 and MSA1500

Ok I have a client that after dealing with poor performance on his MSA, has bought the dual port I/O module for his MSA30.

Here is a quick config to help you help me.

MSA1500 dual controller - A/A - not certain of FW at the moment but I am certain it is at least ver 7.00.

One MSA30 shelf currently hooked up in a single bus configuration. This is the one we want to boost the performance of and reconfig as a dual bus shelf. Plugged into I/O module one on the back on the MSA1500.

One MSA20 shelf also hooked up. Plugged into I/O module 2 on the back of the MSA1500.

In reading some doc, it mentions that SCSI ID's are going to change etc when we make the change on the MSA30 side.

Does anyone out there know a good doc, or resource etc that can explain to me the proper procedure for going single bus to dual bus? Should I move the MSA20 over to module 3, and put both ports from the dual bus MSA30 on modules 1,2?

Anyone that can help out would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Gentles
Mark Matthews
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Re: single to dual I/O module on MSA30 and MSA1500

Hi Mike,

Yes I'd say to gain best performance I would have the MSA20 on a seperate module (on the 1500) and each half of the dual bus MSA30 on a seperate module (if you have enough modules)

Cant find any docs at the moment, but did find some info on what SCSI IDs would be assigned where...see attached.


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