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subcomponent of this component is unhealthy p2000

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subcomponent of this component is unhealthy p2000


hi my storage have turn on warning light and the have thiwsw problem

what should i do ?

subcomponent of this component is unhealthy

component Id : enclosure 1 , current 12V loc : lower-IOM B



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Re: subcomponent of this component is unhealthy p2000

Hello BlackRoze,

This means the Controller B has some issue, its good to collect the store logs and check what exactly the issue is.

please provide the logs to check on this, or you may log a case with HPE support, so that they could check and suggest you the action plan to fix the issue.




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Re: subcomponent of this component is unhealthy p2000


You should first confirm both power supplies are properly turned on (if they have switches) and connected to PDUs. If one of the power supplies is showing an amber LED this should be corrected first before any further steps. 

Check and confirm that the controller is fully engaged in the slot and connected correctly to the backplane. Only follow the below steps if your system is fully redundant. During a period of low host IO issue the correct command to shutdown controller B, remove the controller, visually inspect the pins, and then re-insert the controller. After the controller reboots, check and confirm the system to see if this resolved the issue.

If you can't find the component that is causing the events to occur, gather a fresh set of store.logs, then please open a support case with HPE Support using the following web link, if the unit is under warranty:

If the unit is out of warranty, you can open a chat support case with HPE using the following web link to check for options:


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