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two 2012fc into one logical ?

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two 2012fc into one logical ?


im struggle with connecting 2 devices msa 2012fc into one logical, is it possible to do ?

in modules there are "expansion SAS" plugs that if i connect from 1 device to 2 device in console after put comman show expander status i can see PHY EGRESS that status is OK but in website there is no additional enclosure visible from second device.

is that possible to make those 2 devices visible eachother ? so i could do redundant backup from one device to second, or in this models its not possible ? or it can be done by Fiber?


Re: two 2012fc into one logical ?


If you have two MSA2012fc devices you cannot connect them using a backend SAS cable. You also cannot create a single logical from the host on two different storage arrays unless you are using a host based software RAID striping.

The reason you are not allowed to do this kind of backend cabling is due to both arrays having a controller which lays down the data structure on the drives they own. The controller for one array has no information about the data structure layed down by the other array.

You could consider replacing the controllers with 3G IOMs and then connect the IOMs using the backend SAS cable as an additional JBOD enclosure. This is supported and would work correctly as designed.

Please note that the MSA2012 array went End of Support Life January 18, 2018. This means HPE no longer offers support for these arrays nor can you buy replacement parts. In order to protect your data, I would suggest you contact your Account representative and look towards purchasing a new product. For a backup solution you could consider an MSA array, a D3700/D3600, or another backup solution.


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