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Sylvia Welch
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Going thru armlogs today and see a few of these:

Device Unique Name = 50060B000008AD80
Device Name = HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7400
Date = September 10, 2005
Time = 8:48:30 AM EDT
Controller Time Stamp = 22300204439236
Event Number = 142576
Sequence Number = 7169
Event Type = Controller Event
Event Code = 348
Severity = 1
Event Count = 1
FRU Location = M/C1.H1
FRU Data = enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent : 0x00/0x00/0x70/0xff
Reporting Controller = M/C1
Event Source Info = serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR05B51074/0x47/0xffffffff
Event Description = FRONTEND_FC_ABTS_EVENT_EH This error code indicates that the Host sent a Fibre Chann
el ABTS (Abort Sequence) BLS frame to the abort an IO. The array will log this event for informational and
debug purposes only. It does not necessarily indicate a problem with the array.
Event Unique Info = 0x17028a: 0x00bc
frontend osPortCB: ABTSAbort-JCB
et=10.1 qd=38 hwm=70 jl=0x00002000 dl=0x00002000 ro=0x00000000 js=1

Queue Full Threshold set to 74. Have 4 enclosures, RG1 has 32 disks, RG2 has 28. I'm thinking that the QFT is too low. Paths are optimized and pvtimeout set to 90. We recently added the 4th tray of disks.

Any clues?