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want to verify answers please help thanl you

Muhammad Shamroze
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want to verify answers please help thanl you

Please help me out with these question as i want to verify the answers:
Q1. In secure path Manager,the controller designations feature displays controller A and controller B in the GUI What does Secure Path use to reference Controller A and B?

a. serial number
b. physical location in MSA 1000.

Anwers a but want to verify i think its wrong.

Q2.Using Command Line Interface, which command is used to add space to a specific LUN on an MSa 1000?

a. set unit
b. add unit
c. extend unit
d. expand unit

answer is C but want to verify.

Q3. Which utility allows you to change the fibre channel parameters for and Emulex host bus adapter (HBA) connected to the MSA1000 subsystem?

a.Light pulse Utility
b.HP Insight Manager
c. Array Dianostic Utility
d.Brocade Advance Web tools.

Answer is A but want to verify.

Q4. Two MSA SAN Switch 2/8's and one MSA1000 Controller in the same subsystem. What need to be done to make the controller acess both controller?

a. An inter-switch Link (ISL) need to be installed b/w the two switches.

b.the switches need to be configured with a Brocade Advance web tools.
c.SSP needs to be enabled for this installation.

Answer is A but want to verify.

Q5. In an SAN configration HOst H1 can acess drives D0 and D1, but cannot access Drive D2 on the MSA 1000. what are the two possible causes? choose two.

a. MSA1000 active controller failed.
b. HBA drivers are installed incorrectly.
c. SSP is enabled and H1 is not in the ACL for D2.
d. Zoning is enabled and is preventing access to D2.

Answer is B and C but want to verify.