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CDE not starting

João Roberto F. Martins
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CDE not starting

Hi guys!

Maybe this is an HPUX question but the thing is that I have an b2000 server with HPUX 10.22 on it and I can't have the CDE started.
But I can start CDE from an X-terminal (via XDMCP) but not on console...

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks and best regards,
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Re: CDE not starting

Let's start with the obvious: has it ever worked? If not, does the server have a graphics card capable of displaying a CDE screen?

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Peter Godron
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Re: CDE not starting

and welcome to the forum.

Suspect missing graphics capabilities(card or terminal).
Please see:

Please also read: on how to reward any useful answers given to your questions.

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Re: CDE not starting

What type of console is it?
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Re: CDE not starting

Check out this thread...lots of good troubleshooting advice for your problem: