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Connect Direct Log Messages.

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Connect Direct Log Messages.

Hi ,

I have connect Direct tool to transfer files.
OS HP-UX. in the log file i have some codes like below.

Log File Output.
more E0DP8HGZ00020041026.log
2004-10-26 16:03:05 START :[a7009-01I] eai70090 C:D send wrapper START. IFID = [E0DP8HGZ000]
2004-10-26 16:03:05 INFO :[a7009-02I] argment check completed.
2004-10-26 16:03:05 INFO :[a7009-03I] Configuration file check completed.
2004-10-26 16:03:05 INFO :[a7009-04I] Parameter table file check completed.
2004-10-26 16:03:05 INFO :[a7009-05I] Numbering process completed. serialno=[00000032]
2004-10-26 16:03:05 INFO :[a7009-06I] Create HDR completed. DAT = [/interface/global/prdmst/out/E0DP8HGZ000]

Above Lof files showing one number with a (a7009 -05I). can you please help some one to know what is this number. if it is message code please let me know how it will generate.


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Connect Direct Log Messages.

This look like info messages.
Why are you asking here? Why not ask where you bought it?