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mailx attachment problem

Roger Gallant
Occasional Contributor

mailx attachment problem

I have to send out an email with an attachment where the body of the message is bilingual(french/english). I can send the message without attachment and can see the mail without any problem. When I send it with the attachment, I get french char that are not being transferred correctly.

This is what I have done:
export LANG
uuencode $FilePath/$ProjectName/report/Alert/$3 $3 >> AlertRpt$2.csv
cat -v $FilePath/$ProjectName/report/Alert/$AlertEmailBodyFile AlertRpt$2.csv > email_all$2.txt
mailx -s "$AlertEmailTitle" $AlertDistList < email_all$2.txt

What am i missing?

Roger Gallant
Occasional Contributor

Re: mailx attachment problem

added -m flag to mailx, fixed my problem