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robert sears_1


Thanks for the help, now that I know that I am stuck eith version 8.9.3, does anyone know where in the file, I can lock the relay setting? I apparantly have an open relay problem.
Dan Hetzel
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail

Hi Robert,

/usr/share/doc/sendmail8-8_delta.txt on your server describes the Anti-relaying features of sendmail.

Best regards,

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Douglas Cromby_1
Valued Contributor

Re: sendmail

I wonder if you are still using sendmail version 8.8.6, rather than 8.9.3. Version 8.9.3 does not relay by default, whereas 8.8.6 does. This can be a problem for people doing an upgrade to sendmail, as the loss of relaying can be an unexpected development.

To see if you are using a file of version 8.9.3, do this:

grep DZ /etc/mail/

You will see something like:


If this is still reading 8.8.6, then it is possible that you have a sendmail binary of 8.9.3 and a of version 8.8.6.

To see the version of the sendmail binary do:

what /usr/sbin/sendmail

and you will see this

version.c (Berkeley) 2/9/1999 (PHNE_18979)

During the upgrade process, the new file is placed in /usr/newconfig/etc/mail. The idea is that you copy this file into place in /etc/mail, and apply the changes that you applied to the original file to the new. Make sure you keep a copy of the original one. It is possible that should you copy this file over, and then stop and start sendmail, then you will stop relaying.