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Francois Bariselle_3
Regular Advisor


I have a sendmail server (HP_UX 10.20, canopus) that use a relay host (MS-EXCHANGE,

Is it possible to synchronize
a MS-Exchange user with my sendmail server.
Ex.: <=>

Thanks in advance.
Fais la ...
Anu Mathew
Valued Contributor

Re: sendmail

As far as mails are concerned, you can add a rule in Exchange to forward every copy of incoming mails to the email id on the Sendmail server, and vice versa.

If Exchange at your end support POP, you can use fetchmail to retrieve mails to the unix mail-box. In this case, configure fetchmail not to delete any fetched-in mail messages.

As far as objects like calendars and stuff like that, I doubt whether you can retrieve them from Exchange, due to compatibility issues.

Hope this helps,

Thank you,

Anu Mathew
Mark Fenton
Esteemed Contributor

Re: sendmail

If you forward emails between the two servers, be certain to avoid looping. It's amazing how quickly a file system can fill up....

(been there, done that, oops!)