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BL460c G6 (NC532i) SCCM OSD issue!

Lawrence G Bowen
Occasional Contributor

BL460c G6 (NC532i) SCCM OSD issue!


I'm having an issue with the new BL460c G6 trying to deploy an OS using SCCM. The NIC is not recognised. Obviously this is a driver issue but I have no idea what driver to import into the boot image. I'm using the x86 and x64 Microsoft Windows Vista PE boot images. The task starts ok, but then bombs and reboots. The same task works fine on a BL460 G5, so I KNOW this must be the NIC drivers…

If I press F8 before the reboot and type ipconfig at the CMD prompt, I see there is nothing, not even a 169 address indicating no NIC drivers loaded.

Can anyone help please?

Stuart Cain
Frequent Advisor

Re: BL460c G6 (NC532i) SCCM OSD issue!

This problem is addressed in the latest Insight Control for System Center Release.

The latest version of Insight Control for Microsoft System Center 6.0, which supports Windows Server 2008 R2 and the latest System Center updates, is available for purchase and trial downloads

Go to:

Click on:

Download the latest available Insight Software DVD ISO images