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HP Quicklaunch and Touchpad support for SCCM

Niels van Dijk
Occasional Visitor

HP Quicklaunch and Touchpad support for SCCM

We use SCCM (SYstem Center Configuration Manager) in order to distribute software to our client machines. SCCM also gives the ability to deploy new computers with OS and software. Thsi works very wel, except for two software packages from HP. Specifically the HP Touchpad driver and the HP Quicklaunch driver. Both are executable drivers and need to be deployed running an .exe file. We must use a silent (unattended) install for this, but it doesn't seem to work. it does work when the machine is fully installed and run from e.g. Windows XP, but not if we run it from SCCM as an image. Hope someone is able to give me an answer to this, maybe it's something small, I hope so.
Fabian Davik
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Quicklaunch and Touchpad support for SCCM

Having exactly the same issue with 3d Drive guard.
I made the quicklaunch buttons work by using this: setup.exe -s /f2c:\setup.log /V/qn

The setup of Quicklaunch MUST write a log file to install. Hence the flag giving it the permission and location to do so.
(Bit tricky to figure out, but such a simple solution)

TouchPad drivers come from Windows Update, if you're using Windows 7 atleast.

Had issues with integrating the Synaptics drivers into the OSD on Win7, so I let WindowsUpdate take care of it.

I recon you're using Win XP?

Having issues with 3D Driveguard when deploying with SCCM, Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.

Hope they fix it soon..