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HP StorageWorks MP v1.7 Alerts are misleading.


HP StorageWorks MP v1.7 Alerts are misleading.

We recently installed HP StorageWorks MP v1.7 into our SCOM 2007 SP1 environment. It seems everythng went fine, however, we soon realized that following the instructions in the Insallation and User guide, the Alerts that were produced in SCOM all "look" like they are coming from the SCOM RMS.

Is there a way to change the installation/configuration of the HP StorageWorks MP so that Alerts actually "look" like they come from the device they are attached to?

For example. ServerA is directly attached to, and controls, our ESL Tape library, however, the Alerts we see appear to come from the RMS and not ServerA, which can be misleading since the RMS is not attached to, or controls, the ESL Tape Library.

The same issue holds true for our EVAs, which are controlled by servers that have EVA management software installed.

Both the ESL Server and the EVA server both have SCOM agents installed, as well as SNMP (ESL Server) and WEBES (EVA Server).

Any ideas?
Richelle Ahlvers
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP StorageWorks MP v1.7 Alerts are misleading.

In the installation and user's guide, we provide a sample configuration that can be used to configure an SNMP-based storage environment.

If you want the events to appear as if they come from a specific server, simply have the device (in your specific instance, a tape library) send the SNMP traps to the specific server ("trap destination'), then override the "SNMP Trap Catcher" rule to point to that server. The events will show up from the server receiving the traps.

Richelle, HP StorageWorks Management Pack team

Re: HP StorageWorks MP v1.7 Alerts are misleading.

Solution provided.