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Microsoft System Center Integration
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Take Your Windows System on Your Fingertips

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Take Your Windows System on Your Fingertips

Many people have such an idea: When reinstalling a computer or using someone else's computer, It is so fantastic for them to run their favorite software immediately without installation,isn't it?

Recently, I found Prayaya V3,a virtual system, which has a size of only 6 MB, but very powerful.It is compatible with Win XP/2000/2003/vista/7.It has the same interface as real windows, As long as you install your favorite programs, data, software in V3, and then copy to the USB Drive or directly installed your favorite programs into the V3 smart removalbe device or IPOD which installed V3. So that no matter where you go or whose computer you use, you can do what you love to do such as stock, private data, favorite software, habitual chat tools and so on just by pluging your V3 smart device.

Beside,a Prayaya V3 enable smart device can be used exchanging between Win XP,Win 2000,Win 2003,Win Vista and Win 7 computer.

Prayaya V3
Requirement: Windows XP/2000/2003/vista/7
Summary: Prayaya V3 is a technology which allows you to have your required programs and data on a USB Flash Drive or any Portable Storage Devices.Carry your data filesand applications (such as Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, MSN) on a USB storage device or iPod.

Key Features:
*Virtual Opearting System.
Prayaya V3 support Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7. Because it has the same interface as Microsoft OS, Prayaya V3 is very easy to use.
*Portable applications and business
You could install Prayaya V3 and your often use software on any storage device such as Ipod, Mobile Phone, Storage Card or USB flash drive.
For example, you could install Prayaya V3 and Microsoft Office on USB flash drive, and plug it in any host pc to run the Microsoft Office Word even that host computer do not install MS Office Word. And all the software files is stored on the USB flash drive.
Do not like other portable launchers which only support portable apps installation, Prayaya V3 support download any software directly from the software official website and install on Prayaya V3 without modify or repack. Prayaya V3 support run software directly off a USB flash drive. It support more than 50,000 software now.
*Tiny size of 6 MB
Only take you 1 minute to download and install.
*Private Information Security
All your private information are all stored and encrypted in the Prayaya V3 virtual system. It do not leave any trace when you exit V3.
*Fast speed
But due to the tiny size, it can run fast even on the hardware you bought 3 years ago.


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