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3 essential elements for creating an excellent Wireless Learning Experience



written by: Sharelle Patterson


_G9079067062008_JPGHighres_300dpi_100pct.jpgOn a recent Friday afternoon, I found a room of dedicated HP Networking team members diligently working to complete the final lab for the Implementing & Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks training. Instead of enjoying both the California sunshine as well as the Fall Festival in the HP Pavilion, our studious HP employees were squeezing the most out of their training experience.



This is what they missed: the annual Fall Festival involves frosty brews, family time and games aplenty, so I was curious as to what made the content so compelling that they were willing to stay late to complete all of the components of the training.


This is what they gained: “I am going to recommend it to my whole team,” was one immediate comment from Doug O. Senior Instructor, John Lancaster also stated, “it’s one of the best (if not the best?) courses I’ve ever taught…and I’ve taught a few in my time.” Great! But why?


Provide real-time practical experience

Do any kind of search online and you’ll find a multitude of articles and papers expounding the value of a practical component to the overall learning experience. But how important is it to employers out there? According to a 2010 paper, when asked which actions higher education institutions should take in order to improve the employability of their graduates, 30% said practical experience was key[1].


Implementing & Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks presents an astounding 60% hands-on lab content, supported by 40% lecture and learning activities. Utilizing HPs state of the art Remote Lab experience allows students to expand their capabilities while getting their hands dirty. The HP Remote Lab includes a robust Layer 1 switch which allows for complete control of all components of the network. You won’t find any simulations here; real life experiences, and mistakes, are the key to a valuable learning experience


“They have context and they build on each other. The labs are excellent.” John Lancaster.

Provide applicable reference materials

“The Learner’s Guide is an outstanding (in every way) resource for the students…and for the instructor. The students can, and will, use it as a firsthand resource for understanding of the MSM products. Having all the Activity answers in the appendix helps a ton. In fact, it’s so comprehensive, accurate and well-written that it could be the ONLY resource they’ll need. That’s saying a LOT.”


Enough said. Almost, but not quite!


The Why (it’s all about context)


So much of professional training centers around learning what to do by following a set formula of actions, but doesn’t cover why it’s done a particular way or allow students to gain true competency.

As a student of other Wireless trainings, Satheesh found increased understanding of the concepts. “In previous trainings I couldn’t understand the concepts of how and why it was set up this way or that way but this was good to understand. I now know why things are that way and I can get it all working.”


Even our own instructor, John, found enjoyment in the new class. “It’s about the context in the content rather than do this, do that, sit down and take notes.” He added, “Module 6 does what NO other course I’ve taught does - it adds very little new content but instead focuses on reviewing concepts already learned. Or in other words, it steps back and ties everything together. Taking a pause and reviewing was, simply, invaluable…and appreciated. [The lab activities] helped the students refocus their understanding of the product.”


As just one example of the excellence in courseware that HP ExpertOne provides, we can clearly see that the new Wireless class fulfills the trifecta of practical experience, lifelong reference materials and deep understanding, not just rote learning, for our students.


Grow your expertise in HP products and solutions by exploring training offerings by HP ExpertOne



[1] Employers’ perception of graduate employability, Fieldwork: August-September 2010

Publication: November 2010, Flash EB Series #304, Survey conducted by The Gallup Organization, Hungary upon the request of Directorate-General for Education and Culture,

[1] Employers’ perception of graduate employability, Fieldwork: August-September 2010

Publication: November 2010, Flash EB Series #304, Survey conducted by The Gallup Organization, Hungary upon the request of Directorate-General for Education and Culture,

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Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement
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The widespread use of wireless technologies in our everyday lives has made their application to electronic-learning (e-learning) environments, such as the classroom, imminent. However, there are several security and authentication issues that must be addressed before wireless devices can be used in any teaching scenarios including those requiring examination/testing.

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