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Boost your career with HP ExpertOne TeamSite Web management system certification




HP TeamSite Web Content Management System Certification

Enterprise company websites are usually sprawling and complex, and so are their content management processes. HP TeamSite helps companies tame the content beast. This powerful Web content management system empowers various teams and business users to collaborate efficiently on high-performance commercial websites.


Now, HP ATP - TeamSite System Administrator V1 certification is available to help IT professionals increase their bottom-line value to employers.


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Ideal for websites with many contributors
Large organizations often have a wide variety of employees and teams working on their websites. HP TeamSite lets you create high-performance commercial websites and allows your teams to collaborate effectively. HP TeamSite allows business users to create and update Web pages with no technical Web programming knowledge.


At the other end of the spectrum, Web content creation experts can use HP TeamSite to create forms and templates that make website updates a breeze. HP TeamSite is closely coupled with other HP products such as MediaBin and Optimost. MediaBin is an image server product used to upload and track images and ensure marketing compliance. Optimost is a content optimization tool that helps place content and links where they’re most effective. Optimizing placement of instructions and links can make a significant difference in response, which can mean tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars in potential revenue. These products work together to enable more valuable customer experiences.


With Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) at HP TeamSite’s core, you have powerful search and indexing capabilities that allow seamless publishing and alignment of brand assets, such as video and images, through the HP TeamSite interface. HP IDOL and HP TeamSite deliver the only technology solution available that integrates advanced search and analytics directly into its platform.


You should be certified in HP TeamSite Administrator Version 1 if . . .
building better web experiences and driving revenue are vital to you. Powering over 50,000 websites across the globe at some of the world’s most successful companies, achieving HP ATP - TeamSite System Administrator V1 certification validates your ability to help marketers deliver compelling and engaging digital experiences.  


During the recommended certification training you will learn how to:  

  • View and manage content using HP TeamSite
  • Enable user access to forms, presentation templates, and metadata
  • Enable and control user access to HP TeamSite via users, groups, roles, and permissions for branches, work areas, folders, and files
  • Plan, create, and modify HP TeamSite storage using content stores
  • Set up and create system organizational structure using content stores, branches, sub-branches, and work areas
  • List, describe, diagram, start, stop, and reset HP TeamSite processes
  • Configure basic proxy remaps in HP TeamSite to preview content
  • Help users lock, unlock, and revert files, and manipulate editions

Become a proven critical asset who can leverage HP TeamSite innovations for more engaging customer experiences across email, mobile, and social media touch points.  Act on opportunities and increase customer engagement by bringing together HP TeamSite capabilities, applications, and technology integrations.


Who’s getting certified?

Typical candidates for this certification are IT professionals with at least one year of experience in HP TeamSite system administration in their native OS. Four main categories of employees are getting certified:

  • Project managers
  • Business users who contribute content to Web pages
  • Web content developers
  • System administrators who have been through the training and have one year of HP TeamSite experience.

Foundational knowledge should include experience with website administration in a .NET or J2EE environment.


What should candidates do to prepare for the certification exam?
HP recommends Introduction to TeamSite Content Center Professional and TeamSite System Administrator training, along with one year of experience working with HP TeamSite. Preparing for certification helps candidates think about what they’ve learned through their experience and improves their performance. HP also recommends working with a mentor and studying the HP TeamSite user guide, which HP TeamSite customers can find on the customer portal when they begin training.


The training provides the professional with technical knowledge and skills needed to administer a HP TeamSite system, including:

  • HP TeamSite processes and storage management
  • Enablement of appropriate users who create files, folders, content items, form templates, presentation templates, and metadata fields on the HP TeamSite server.

For more information on HP TeamSite and TeamSite certification

Log on to, view the HP ATP – TeamSite System Administrator V1 cerification requirements, or send an email to


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