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DDMI Certification

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DDMI Certification



Is there a DDMI certification available?





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Re: DDMI Certification

Hi Dirk, 

 As you may know, DDM-I is now part of HP Universal Discovery.

Accordingly, there's currently no DDMI specific certification in the Software ExpertOne portfolio. 

To my knowledge, the (under development) Configuration Management System v10 certification will require to take a "Universal Discovery" exam.



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Re: DDMI Certification

Hi Members, 



Would you please help me  understanding that how this DDMI certification is related to uCMDB, and where is the material/ course available to study this?




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Re: DDMI Certification

Hi Anshul,

DDMi is now part of HP Universal Discovery (see e.g.


How does it relate to the UNIVERSAL CMDB?

HP Configuration Management System includes HP Universal Discovery (UD) and a federated configuration management database (UCMDB) that integrates with trusted sources in a seamless fashion—allowing IT management teams to make effective decisions and control changes.



To attain the upcoming HP ATP - HP Configuration Management System v10, releasing to my knowledge on Feb 3, you will have to clear 2 exams: UCMDB v10 AND Universal Discovery v10.


More details (Feb 3 onwards) on