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Direction of Certifiction?

Occasional Contributor

Direction of Certifiction?

Hello All,

Until recently I had wish to take certification MASE for Servers.
But how this type of certification perspective for future?
May be will be better take certification for Big Data or for Data Center and Cloud or for Solutions? Or for Solutions at least?
What do you think?

Respected Contributor

Re: Direction of Certifiction?

Thank you for the question.

There are several areas of interest you mentioned in your post.


A good place to start is here:

On the left rail, select your areas of interest to narrow now the list of certifications.


For Big Data, there are several options depending on the solution you are familar with.


In the area of Data Center and Cloud, you have the option of the HP ASE Cloud Integrator, Data Center and Cloud Architect or Software for Cloud Management.


I can't tell you which certification will be better for you. I can tell you the Cloud Architect is a popular certification path.


thanks for your inquiry. Please feel free to post questions in the comments section.

Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement