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Don’t let an expertise gap hold you back—HP ExpertONE can help


Hiring managers tend to use the phrase “skills gap” when they explain their plight of not being able to hire people with precisely the right qualifications. I use the word “expertise” instead of “skills” to imply that there’s more to being an IT expert than merely having technical skills. “Expertise” not only includes having practical hands-on experience with the technologies and solutions that are in play today, such as virtualization and converged infrastructure, but it also means that you have access to additional knowledge content and other experts, such as solutions architects and product engineers, so that you can pick their brains and absorb some of their knowledge just when you need it most.


The expertise gap, then, is the difference between the expertise that a group or individual currently has and the expertise that is needed to fulfill certain IT job roles to drive a desired business outcome. Unfortunately, for many IT professionals and companies, the expertise gap is growing. This is largely because technology is changing faster than the rate at which people can gain practical experience with and master the technology. Consequently, the expertise gap is holding some companies back from deriving the highest value from virtualization and, more specifically, a converged infrastructure.

In a 2010 IDC survey of CIOs, one-third of the survey respondents said that a “lack of staff skills” is one of the top challenges to moving to converged computing. Twenty nine percent of the respondents cited the “difficulty in integrating a converged environment with existing technology” as an obstacle. Since technology integration is largely dependent on IT professionals’ technical know-how, this is also a case of an expertise gap. That means somewhere between 33 and 62 percent of CIOs are not seeing the full business benefits of a converged infrastructure in their data centers because of a shortage of people with the relevant knowledge, experience and connections.


HP ExpertONE aims to remove that obstacle to implementing a converged infrastructure.

For the past two years, I’ve been involved in ExpertONE’s efforts to build a comprehensive training and certification portfolio covering virtualization and the HP Converged Infrastructure. I think we’ve created the strongest portfolio in the IT industry. It covers job roles including architect, integrator, and administrator. By building the knowledge solutions around these essential IT job roles, we know that IT professionals get the training and education that is directly relevant to what they do every day.


And we’re not done. Stay tuned as we continue to build out our portfolio, including expertise around the cloud.

This week, I'm at the VMworld 2011 conference in Las Vegas. (Just my luck – I get assigned to go to the event in Sin City instead of the one in Copenhagen.) I’ll be giving a presentation about the certifications HP ExpertONE offers pertaining to virtualization and converged infrastructure. (You can catch my presentation, “HP ExpertONE,” on September 1 at 11:30 in the HP Theater.) Additionally, I’ll be staffing the HP ExpertONE booth, so please stop by and share your perception of the IT expertise gap.

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