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Explore Your Options for Building Your Expertise

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Explore Your Options for Building Your Expertise

The HP ExpertONE program is pleased to provide you with a new, easier way to discover HP certifications that are relevant to your job and career. Explore your options for building your expertise based on your current skill level and job role and the technology areas that interest you. This should simplify your certification efforts and help you align your learning initiatives toward your strategic goals.

Now it is easy to:
. Discover the available certifications that meet your specific needs and interests
. Get a complete view of any HP certification - including the prerequisites, requirements and recommended training - all on one printable page
. Schedule or launch training
. View exam preparation materials
. Register for certification exams

Would you like to see how to improve your skills? Try this today.
. Visit the HP ExpertONE website at and login to Train & certify via your regional portal. (Note that you need an HP Learner ID to access Train & certify.)
. Next click on the "Certification Explorer" link under "Find learning." Then simply check the boxes to start exploring the opportunities ahead of you. Use Certification Explorer to map your career development path and to determine the training that best meets your needs.

You can also visit the HP ExpertONE website and click on "View Certifications" to explore your certification and training options.


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