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Explore Your Path to Mastering Data Center Transformation: HP ExpertOne and HP Discover


If you’re heading to HP Discover (June 11-13), I invite you to attend an incredible opportunity. Isaac Blake and Russ Wagner will host a roundtable discussion for IT professionals interesting in learning more about our HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification. There’s been a great deal of interest from IT architects and others looking for the next big trend in IT certifications. In addition, IT certified professionals looking to take their career to the next level will want to hear what Isaac and Russ have to say.


Not Your Ordinary Certification

The HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification is the highest certification HP offers. It validates your business and technical knowledge and level of experience to design and oversee (at every level) the implementation of a highly effective CloudSystem or Converged Infrastructure solution. The final test is presenting and explaining a given solution to the highest level of management, positioning/selling an HP CloudSystem or Converged Infrastructure solution in front of a review board.

For more details and application information, visit the HP ExpertOne site. Here’s a direct link to the ExpertOne certification page.


Session Description

 RT3343 - Explore your path to mastering data center transformation

An elite group of IT professionals around the globe has achieved the HP ExpertOne Master Accredited Solutions Expert Converged Infrastructure Architect V2 certification. This board-level certification is awarded to those who demonstrate the business knowledge, technical expertise, experience to architect, and oversee implementation of converged data center solutions. Join HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architects Isaac Blake and Russ Wagner as they discuss the journey candidates take to achieve this influential certification. You’ll hear stories from certification holders as well as get board member feedback on the skills that matter most.


After the session (and during HP Discover) you can sit down and talk with the presenters (and current board members) about the certification process, required experience, and what to expect if you apply to become an HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect. Isaac and Russ will be frequenting the HP ExpertOne lounge and if you hold an HP Master ASE certification, they will be at the Master ASE reception on Wednesday in the ExpertOne Lounge from 6:00-7:00pm. Please take the time to say hello and ask questions.


Who Are Isaac Blake and Russ Wagner?

Isaac Blake and Russ Wagner are HP Enterprise Architects with a combined experience of 60 years in Information Technology. Blake and Wagner both achieved the HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification in March 2011 and sit as board review members.


 Russ WagnerIsaac Blake


                               Russ Wagner                                                Isacc Blake


I got a few minutes to sit down and talk with Isaac and Russ and ask them a few questions about this session and the HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification.


Karl Kovacs: Why did you pursue the HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect Certification?


Russ Wagner: Elevated level of certification to prove my competence, experience, and knowledge. It validated my experience with an HP certification, adding legitimacy to my experience gained as an IT professional


Isaac Blake: To leverage my experience of working with both business and IT leadership finding technology solutions to solve business problems.


Kovacs: How did you get involved and why?


Wagner: I got involved with the beta delivery and auditing of the training by invitation. After this, my manager required me to hold this certification in my job role.


Blake: Like Russ, I became involved with the beta delivery and training by invitation. We were the first two HP employees to obtain this flagship certification.


Kovacs: Can you tell me what’s involved with the professional reference and application? Can I apply? Who would be my professional reference?


Wagner: Typically, it would be your manager or someone who is familiar with your accomplishments and is willing to vouch for you and your abilities. A professional reference is a sponsor who is willing to vet you, typical with any industry standard certifications.

The application demonstrates your competency and abilities in this field have been. Prove you are competent, trained and experience. Just like a firefighter, police officer who wants to move up the ranks, they need to sit in front of a board review and prove they have what it takes to move up the ranks.


Blake: Agreed, but I would like to point out it is important to understand this is more than just a technical certification. It is equally if not more important to have references and experience working with business leaders driving results at their level.


Kovacs: Can you prepare for the board review?


Blake: Absolutely. Although, it’s critical applicants have a strong understanding of business results (agility, risk and cost) and how to leverage technology solutions to solve business problems. For example do you know how demonstrate TCA, TCO and ROI? Do you know how to do a cost benefit analysis? It’s also important that candidates participate in the prerequisite training and exam.


Kovacs: What is a board level certification?


Blake: A board level certification goes beyond the ability to sit study and take a test. You’re given a real life business scenario and with one day to prepare, you have to solve business challenges, prepare a presentation and present it to a review board. Based on your presentation, you either pass or fail the board review.


Kovacs: Speaking from experience, I know the board review can be intimidating. What advice would you give to someone who’s prepared and ready to present?


Isaac: What we find a lot of time is the candidate is talking too much and doing death by PowerPoint, rushing through their topics, and trying to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Imagine if you have to walk into a room and present to Meg Whitman and the HP Board. You have to have a tight, well prepared message covering the key topics delivering business results, leaving anything else for questions from the board.


Kovacs: How many board level certifications does HP ExpertOne offer?


Isaac: This is the only one, but expect to see more.


Kovacs: I look forward to seeing your presentation in Las Vegas. If I want more information after your presentation, where can I find you during HP Discover?


Isaac: You can find me in the ExpertOne lounge between sessions


Wagner: I will be popping into the ExpertOne lounge


Kovacs: Can I assume you’ll both be at the Master ASE luncheon?


Isaac: We’ll both be at the lunch so it’ll be a great time to exchange business cards and talk more about the HP Master ASE - Converged Infrastructure Architect


Kovacs: Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. 


Get Involved

Click here to register for the session (you must have an HP Discover 2013 user account)

If you haven’t registered for HP Discover, it’s not too late. Just remember to use the promo code “Expert” for your $300 ExpertOne discount!


HP ExpertOne Information

Click here for more information on our ExpertOne program. We have answers to all your IT training, education and certification questions. You can sign-up for your HP Learner ID too!


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Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement
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