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Fast Track your HP ExpertOne Storage Career



If you are like the average IT professional, you hold half a dozen or more vendor certifications just to maintain your company's partner authorization status. Keeping all those certifications up to date takes time and money which are both, very precious commodities nowadays. 


Several times in my career, I've had to make a hard decision on which certification to maintain and which I could let go. Personally, I want to keep all of them but practically, it can be impossible, unless you give up any hope of having a social life.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone gave you credit for the hard work you’ve already done in getting certified and let you use those certifications to fast track you to getting a new one?


To help EMC and NetApp  certified professionals keep your storage certification current, HP ExpertOne introduces the Fast Track for Storage certification program. EMC and NetApp eligible certification holders can achieve HP Storage certifications in 50 percent less instructor-led time than new candidates as well as gain new skills and competencies for designing, installing and managing storage centric converged infrastructure solutions.


Upon passing four exams, the EMC and NetApp candidate receives two HP ExpertOne certifications: HP Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) and HP Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) in StorageWorks Integration.



HP ExpertOne Fast Track

  • Leverages existing certification on your path to becoming HP ExpertOne certified
  • Broaden your value in the market
  • Gain skills and experience to move to converged infrastructure and the cloud

Fast Track for Storage

  • Reduce time needed to earn HP Storage Certification with your approve, competitive certification
  • Significantly shorten training time - and cost - by as much as 60 percent
  • Attain skills and knowledge to support virtualization, the cloud, and content explosion


Click here for details on the HP ExpertOne Storage Fast Track program.


So tell me, how do plan on fast tracking your certification career? Comments welcome!

Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement
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20+ years in IT, including data center architect, pre-sales engineer, certification development and management. Passion for technology, gadgets and the outdoors. Always looking for ways to blend them together in one big adventure.

Emma Tameside

Thanks for sharing this video, Karl, it's pretty useful for engineers like me. I've heard that EMC and NetApp certified individuals can cut down the days necessary on the HP ExpertOne cert to between 8 to 12 days, depending on the elements we want to learn. Is that true?


I don't think our company can afford to have even one of us out of the office for longer than two weeks on training. We're a small outfit and it's usually all hands to the pumps, so fast track is a very attractive idea.


I'm also sad about maintaining certs, and I personally think they should have new course numbers, rather than totally invalidating previous achievements. At least that way, people can still see you are committed to training, even if your cert is a little outdated.


What do you think?


Thanks for taking the time to comment Emma.

Your assumption on 8-12 days is true. It depends on the EMC or NetApp certification you currently hold.


Now my opinion on course numbers is just that. It is my personal opinion and doesn't reflect the opinion of Hewlett Packard or the HP ExpertOne program.

Over the years, I've had to earn and maintain dozens of certifications. New course numbers help me decide if I need to take the course based on the amount of new content.


Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to post and I'll do my best to answer your questions. If I can't, I'll have a member of the Storage certification team follow-up for you.


Thanks again,





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