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Good Choice?

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Good Choice?



My boss wants me to get an HP Sales Certified-SMB Solutions[2012]. Is that ok since I dont have any experience in sales.


By the way I am a Cisco certified ( CCNA) and a Telecom Technician by profession.


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Re: Good Choice?

No, Keep Cisco all the way!

HP network (and maybe the all business) is going down!

Ask me Why?

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Re: Good Choice?



It really depends on why your boss is asking you to get this certification.  Are you moving into a pure Sales role?  Or are you moving into a Pre-Sales technical role?


The SMB sales certification is great if you are focusing on Small/Medium Business Sales opportunities but if you are planning on being more of a Pre-Sales technical resource there are some other options.


My suggestion is to check out our Certification Explorer tool to see all of the certifications we have available.  You can find it at  Our SMB and Enterprise sales and pre-sales certifications are great for understanding the entire HP portfolio.


For any questions about the ExpertOne certifications, check out


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help!




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