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HP ATP - Operations Manager I v10

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HP ATP - Operations Manager I v10

Hello all,

After that i have worked on OMi 10.10 during 3 months, i would like to acquire the appropriate certification. (HP ATP - Operations Manager I v10 )

I have visited these two websites : : for course : for exam

Based on the informations availables on theses websites, i inderstand that i must prepare "HP0-M77" exam using the appropriate course "01060967: OMI120" and others OMi documentation.

So, i'm looking for a torrent, pdf, video or all files that can help me to prepare it.

thanks for your help.

Carol Park
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Re: HP ATP - Operations Manager I v10

The OMI120 training class and experience (3 months is good) should be enough.  The exam questions come from either the training or the product manuals.  If you don't attend training but have equivalent experience that is fine too - experience is what counts across each major functionality of the product as mentioned in the URL you reviewed.


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Re: HP ATP - Operations Manager I v10

Thank you for your inquiry.


The dump sites and many similar sites offer for sale what HPE believes to be verbatim, content identical, technically indistinguishable, or substantially similar copies of copyrighted exams. These web sites are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by HPE, nor have these sites secured written permission or authority to post HPE’s copyrighted works. The materials posted on the sites are therefore unauthorized illegal reproductions of HPE’s copyrighted exams. All copies of the exam from this site and any other unauthorized test documents in your possession should be destroyed.


Brain dump sites do not care if the information they are selling is accurate information. We have found during our investigations brain dumps usually do not have the correct answers. Unfortunately, it assists the candidate in failing the exams.


Please go to this blog post and read up on how to not get cheated by cheat sites.


 Best regards,


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Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
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