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HP Certified Printer Repair

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Occasional Contributor

HP Certified Printer Repair

Does anyone know how to go about getting into training for HP Printer repair. HP Certified or not



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John Getzke
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Certified Printer Repair

Welcome to the best training tool and material available today... The HP ITRC forums! Seriously you are going to get much more out of this forum than any kind of paid printer repair training.

Just post your questions and problems to the forum and wait for a response. Make sure you are posting questions in the correct area and give a detailed description of the problem. You will be amazed how much you can pick up by just participating with this community.

Otherwise there is always this option:

Ive never tried it but it comes from HP so it must be relevant.

Thanks and good luck!
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David Zuts
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Certified Printer Repair

There is a company in NJ that offers training on hp laserjet printers.
Stuart A. Woods
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Certified Printer Repair

No amount of training will prepare you for that problem printer, every single printer is unique in the problems that it has.

They make them the same way, but they act diffrently.

The service manual in my opinion only covers 75% of servicing, the other 25% your on your own to figure it out.

This is why just being a partchanger is not enough, the manuals and the training teach people to be partchangers.

A part changer is a person who just changes diffrent parts to solve a problem.

The crunch of printer repair is to isolate where the problem is "troubleshooting", this took me a long time to master this method, and every printer model has its diffrent methods.

If you can't troubleshoot forget it, its called preliminary servicing anaysis.

To actually see what the printer is how the printer is malfunctioning before taking off its covers.

It can be simple as stuck paper, stuck sensors, disconnected internal wiring, or major problem such as a dead power supply or a fuser malfunction.
Stuart A. Woods
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Certified Printer Repair

The best way to prepare yourself is actually the machines that the courses will actually cover, dead or alive and download service manauls.

And actually get them working, this is exactly how I started in 2001.

At the time my dad worked at a computer auction house and back then LX and SX engines, LaserJet II/III and IIP/IIIP based printers were on the base pile when it came to printers,

And I obtained some SX and LX based printers for me to experiment on, these were dead printers, and I obtained a LaserJet II/III service manual from the auction house as well,

In 2002 is when I started on 1990s canon engines such as the EX and EXII, BX, AX, VX, and PX with work experience at a printer service company where I worked on a vareity of canon based engines that were being recycled at that that time, these were the classic canon engines.

In recent times since 2006 I started on the 4000, 2100, 2200 and 2400 series because these are the at the same spot as the SX engine now as it was in 2001.

In 2004, I started on Color LaserJets, with the 4500, and in 2009 I started learning the newer models 5500 Color LaserJet.

The oldest printer I am using that is in regluar service as of Jan 2010, is the BX engine LaserJet 4V.

My advice is to learn the standalone printers before moving to the multifunctions, because in most cases they use the same engines as the standalones, slightly diffrent but basiclly the same.

Example LaserJet 4345 is based on the LaserJet 4300 engine, and the M3027 and the M3035 is based on the P3005 engine.