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HP Integrity c-Class BladeSystem Solutions exam

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HP Integrity c-Class BladeSystem Solutions exam

i need to pass this exam hp0-p22 what is the material i can read to help me for passing this exam

Re: HP Integrity c-Class BladeSystem Solutions exam

Hi Max,

Please go through the following topics:

1 )Install, configure and integrate HP servers and BladeSystems:
a) Install and configure HP Entry-level Integrity server hardware
b)Install and configure BladeSystem (initial deployments)

2)Performance issues and measurement tools/processes:
a) Describe components and configurations that can impact solution
b)List the performance tools avail. for Integrity server solutions and describe
how they are used
c) Use performance tools to gather data, optimize systems, and resolve
common performance situations

3) Troubleshooting system problems and repairing failures:
a)Analyze hardware failures
b) Analyze operating system failures
c)Identify and use hardware and software diagnostic tools
d)Perform repair and replacement procedures
e) Perform post repair and replacement procedures

4) Manage and maintain HP Integrity servers:
a) Manage and maintain hardware components
b) Manage and maintain firmware and drivers
c) Manage and maintain operating system
d) Monitor the HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE) components

5) Identify and describe HP service offerings:
a) Explain HP Integrity server warranties
b) Describe and compare HP Care Pack Bundles
c)Describe additional service offerings

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Re: HP Integrity c-Class BladeSystem Solutions exam

Thank you for your inquiry.


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