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HP LoadRunner 11.00 Certifications: HP ExpertOne


We get a lot of questions around performance testing certifications, specifically HP LoadRunner. I hope you find this article informative and answers most if not all of your questions. Why all the attention? HP LoadRunner is a popular load testing software suite and many employers are looking for people with HP LoadRunner experience – it is a great resume or CV enhancer. Even companies that don’t utilize HP LoadRunner use the skill set as a competency gauge.

If you’re wondering “what exactly is HP LoadRunner”, here is an excellent outline:

HP LoadRunner is the industry standard for application performance testing. The load testing tool helps you prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks and to obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live. Extremely flexible for organizations and projects of all sizes, HP LoadRunner software testing tool enables you to test a range of applications including mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP and legacy.

Editor's note: LoadRunner v11 has been replaced with LoadRunner v12. Please read out blog post HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 Certification Deep Dive on how to get started or upgrade to LoadRunner v12.

Hewlett Packard has two HP LoadRunner certifications:

  1. HP AIS - LoadRunner v11
  2. HP ASE - LoadRunner v11

First off, there are no prerequisites for either of these certifications. Second, the certification path you choose will depend on your level of experience (or inexperience) with HP LoadRunner.


HP AIS – LoadRunner v11

This certification is designed for individuals with at least three months of hands-on HP LoadRunner experience and have who have completed the Essentials training. Successful achievement is an indication a candidate is ready to join in field engagements under the supervision of a mentor. Training is offered through HP Software Education training centers.


(Alternative options do exist for HP Employees and registered HP Partners)




The AIS exams are test center proctored exams and must be taken from a Pearson VUE test center.

The HP LoadRunner certification requires two exams to demonstrate capability in multiple key skills sets. The first validates the performance engineer’s capability in scripting and her ability to create and/or record and enhance a script that emulates the requests a user posts to a system while using an application. The second exam is demonstration of the ability to plan, run, and analyze a load test.


Click on each of the exams for detailed exam information.

The HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 exams are typically $200 each, depending on your regional and location.

HP ASE – LoadRunner v11

The HP ASE – LoadRunner v11 certification targets load testing and HP LoadRunner professionals who have at least one year of field experience. Successful achievement indicates to their manager they’re ready to participate in or lead performance validation projects.  If you are interested in consulting or instructing, The HP ASE – LoadRunner v11 certification is required.




The difference candidates will notice is the cost of the ASE exam HP0-M99. It is only administered at HP Software Education training facilities. It is a three-hour hands on exam where the candidate is provided with the LoadRunner software to work with and use. By passing this rigorous hands-on exam, IT Professionals establish their expertise in planning a performance test, creating Virtual Users, implementing and running load scenarios, deploying system monitors and analyze test results. Bottom line: by using Loadrunner to automate application load test and performance validation.


Training @HP Software Education Services

To find the closest HP Software Education Training Facility, use the following link:

To access the training catalog, and view the class outline and schedule, click on the “Software Training” tab and select your country.


Scheduling an Exam

Please see the URL for exam scheduling in your region

HP ATP – Performance Center v11

After achieving the HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 certification, you may want to look at extending your mastery in the performance validation area, and further validate your skills – HP ATP - Performance Center v11 is for you. HP Performance Center software is the de-facto standard for enterprise-level performance testing. Built on HP LoadRunner software, the industry-leading solution, it includes a management framework that helps:

  • Support collaboration across distributed teams and projects
  • Standardize processes, centralize resources and build a performance testing CoE


The ATP - Performance Center v11 is granted to HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 certified consultants who pass an additional online exam, administered by PearsonVUE.

The online exams are typically $100 each, depending on your regional and location.

To learn more about HP LoadRunner go to


For more information on HP’s industry recognized ExpertOne certification program, visit


Follow HP ExpertOne at:

Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement
About the Author


20+ years in IT, including data center architect, pre-sales engineer, certification development and management. Passion for technology, gadgets and the outdoors. Always looking for ways to blend them together in one big adventure.


Thanks. Its really informative. But when I try to get the exam schedule for HP0-M99, it displays that No Certifications found. Does that mean there are no certifications planned for HP0-M99 or is it an On-Demand exam?



Karl P John

Hi There.  I use all HP products for my business activities and I never have a compliant!   I, too, have the same question as Rajan. 





I need the certification Dumps... Can any one provide me the info on that.


Best Regards,

Nitin Bali


Stay away from and avoid any exam dumps or exams for sale. The only approved method endorsed by HP is the HP Press Study guides, exam prep guide and approved courseware.

Using exam dumps or exams for sale off the Internet will put you and your partner organization at risk. It is also considered cheating.


I approved this post so I could comment on the subject of exam dumps. If anyone would like to add to the subject of cheating on exams and certifications, please post in this discussion thread.

John Do

What do ASE and AIS stand for?

Surf Flo

I am planning to take HP AIS loadrunner certification. Recently HP released Loadrunner version 12. So do I have to take up HP AIS LoadRunner 11.00 Certification or wait untill HP makes announcements for HP AIS LoadRunner 12.00 ? If so approximately when HP may announce ?


I am willing to wait and take up latest certification program.

Mike I

Same question as the last person. 3 months on and he still hasn't received a reply, so not sure if this one will be honoured...


When are the LR certifications going to be updated to version 12? It's been 6 months since v12 has been released and HP is still basing it's exams on the old v11? Even v11.50 was a major upgrade bu that seems to have been skipped.


HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 is scheduled to launch on Nov 3.  It will be replacing HP AIS - LoadRunner v11


Thanks for your informative article on software testing. LoadRunner is popular automation software testing tool that used to validate a software application by generating actual load. Further, it gives precise information about a software application or environment.



What is the latest certification on HP Loadrunner?

And what is the version of the tool?


Loadrunner v12 is the latest version. We have a v11 and v12 certification available.


Does the HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 belongs to the Loadrunner version 11 software?

Please confirm


yes, the HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 certification maps to Loadrunner v11 software


I'm looking for v12 certifications. Can someone post the links for v12?

Shruti Seth

Hi, I want to give the HP ASE – LoadRunner certification. Can you please confirm if the new version has come or scheduled to be released soon? Or which one is the current exam number needed to be given.


I have a question on calculating Performance of a website.  If a site has multiple Java Script files, Will this be included for calculating Performance Load Time?  Please clarify.  




I am planning to give HP Loadrunner Certification V12, which HP ATP V12. 

The first question I have is if this is comparable to HP AIS v11 test. Can anyone please leave their valuable comments if they have given it already. 


Thanks in advance. 

ranjitha ammu

awesome information, first of all i want to say thanks for this blog. i enjoyed a lot while reading this and the information in this blog are exclusive.

Mohamed omer

Best and impressive article on HP load Runner.Got to know more about this and learnt many things about HP.


Can you please confirm if the new version has come or scheduled to be released soon? Or which one is the current exam number needed to be given.


HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 Certification


HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 has replaced HP AIS - LoadRunner v11.

Click here for the upgrade path from the v11 certification.



The training class course code is 00962426. LR120 - LoadRunner 12.0 Essentials. This is a 5 day instructor-led course. Register



HP0-M102, HP LoadRunner 12.x Software. Register

Mohamed omer

Great and impressive article.!!

Swetha Mohan

Thanks for the information. It was helpful.

Manpower Consultancy in Chennai

     HP AIS - LoadRunner v11


HP ASE - LoadRunner v11

Exam #




No of Questions




Type of Questions

Multiple choice and drag and drop

multiple choice and drag and drop

Multiple choice and performance based

Passing Score




Exam Time

105 minutes

105 minutes

180 minutes

Course Content

  • 18% Load test planning
  • 11% LoadRunner Installation
  • 25% Scenario configuration
  • 25% Scenario execution
  • 32%  Script recording configuration
  • 28% Script playback configuration
  • 27% Script enhancement
  • 13% Advanced script
  • Plan a load test
  • Install LoadRunner
  • Create and enhance Vuser scripts
  • Demonstrate advanced scripting
  • Configure load test scenarios
  • Analyze results
  • Demonstrate core performance center software knowledge
  • Performance based activity (VuGen scripting, Scenario setup, Analysis)

Examination Fees:

$200 each, varies depending on your regional and location.


Exam Center

Pearson VUE

HP Software Education training facilities

Payment mode

Credit card, voucher code, promotional code


Nice article. I am happy to visit your blog.You are shared very informative post. Thanks for sharing this post.



thank for you share

Máy lạnh

Thi Quynh Nga Nguyen

I'm sharing, thank for you


Useful information ......

Srikalai Venkatesan

explained insightfully. thanks for sharing.


Very useful insights. Appreciate it. -- Suresh


Thanks for your informative article on software testing. LoadRunner is popular automation software testing tool that used to validate a software application by generating actual load. Further, it gives precise information about a software application or environment.

-- Suresh

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