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HP Loadrunner Certification 12.x software

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HP Loadrunner Certification 12.x software

Hi Team,

Can I get the dumps or study material for HP0-M103 certification ? I do have the dumps of HP0-M48 and HP0-M49 certification. So are these dumps usefull for HP0-M103 certification ?

Please notify me on following email id :
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Re: HP Loadrunner Certification 12.x software

Thank you for your inquiry.


The dump sites and many similar sites offer for sale what HPE believes to be verbatim, content identical, technically indistinguishable, or substantially similar copies of copyrighted exams. These web sites are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by HPE, nor have these sites secured written permission or authority to post HPE’s copyrighted works. The materials posted on the sites are therefore unauthorized illegal reproductions of HPE’s copyrighted exams. All copies of the exam from this site and any other unauthorized test documents in your possession should be destroyed.


Brain dump sites do not care if the information they are selling is accurate information. We have found during our investigations brain dumps usually do not have the correct answers. Unfortunately, it assists the candidate in failing the exams.


Please go to this blog post and read up on how to not get cheated by cheat sites.

Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement