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HP Press Books: More than Exam Study Guides


HPNetworking.jpgI do not know how you use your HP Press study guides, but to me, they are my “go-to” reference library. When I got my first set of books, I thought they would have a short shelf life, helping me study for and pass exams. My goal was to get the certifications as fast as I could without spending a great deal of time away from my clients.


After reading the books front to back cover many times (studying for exams), I now see them serving me several ways. For the purpose of this post, I will be referencing the HP Networking study guides (for exams HP0-Y30, HP0-Y32, HP0-Y36, HP0-Y37 & HP0-Y43).


Study Guide

Obviously, these books are an excellent resource if you are studying for an exam. However, here is another little known fact (but common knowledge among instructors and training institutes) that the best time to take an exam is within seven to ten days after taking a course. Far too often, I have attended training only to have my manager send me off on a new project, delaying my ability to take the exam while everything is fresh in my brain.  Weeks or months later, I face the challenge of trying to remember all the key points from the instructor and hands-on labs. I know courses and student guides cover more than I need to remember for an exam. This is where the HP Press books become your best friend. They cover the essential topics and focus on key areas covered in the referenced HP exam.


Reference Guide

As I was reading the books, studying for exam after exam, I realized these books are more than just a book I can use to study for an exam. The manner in which the networking content is covered lays the foundation for anyone who wants to learn about network infrastructures from the ground up. I can also go back to the more advanced books to brush up on advanced techniques I might not have to memorize or use on a daily basis.  These books walk me through the configuration, management, and troubleshooting techniques I would use on any network. How cool is that!


These books are not just about HP Networking equipment either. They follow industry standards that you can apply to other industry-standard vendor equipment and multi-vendor network configurations.


Best Practice Guide

Personally, I can put a network together and understand how to troubleshoot it as long as the configuration follows industry standard rules and best practices. Unconventional installations cost my customer time and money if I need to research just how the previous engineer designed the network. Enterprise and/or complex enterprise environments suffer the most from non-standard configurations, especially when there is a mix of equipment from different vendors. I could spend hours if not days trying to figure out where to start. In several cases, I can get the problem fixed only to find another, unrelated problem pop-up, costing me more time and my customer more money.


HP Press Networking books cover solid and well-documented best practices. Following industry best practices has its advantages. If I am on vacation or stuck on another project, any HP ExpertOne Network certified professional can pick up where I left off, knowing we both follow the same best practices.


Installation Scenarios

How many times have you had to look something up or search Google for installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting steps? This can be tedious and dangerous if the network site you are visiting has no Internet.


HP Press exam guides are more than just study guides. They contain a wealth of information, stuff you would not memorize or may not use on a daily basis. They have well documented installation scenarios. If it’s your first time setting up an advanced network configuration, these guides walk you through the step-by-step process. You can also use the scenarios as a foundation for customer documentation. If you follow the installation scenario, your study guide becomes your customer documentation.


What I like the most is the availability to purchase electronic versions of these books to download to my laptop or eReader. How many of you have a bookshelf full of well-read reference guides? Alongside that collection, I now have reference guides, white papers, and installation guides I can take with me on the road.


Check out HP Press for the available guides for HP Networking, Storage and Cloud. Plus, if you want to know more about cloud, we have a great book, Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype, for you. For more information on our program, visit our ExpertOne website.



Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement
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20+ years in IT, including data center architect, pre-sales engineer, certification development and management. Passion for technology, gadgets and the outdoors. Always looking for ways to blend them together in one big adventure.

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