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HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall + HP ExpertOne ATP or ASE Certification = Powerful Protection for Your Network Infrastructure




Security threats to networks, applications, and data are becoming more severe. Organizations are fighting back with cutting-edge firewall products such as HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall, and that means great opportunities for network security professionals.


Two new professional TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall certifications, HP ATP - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1 and HP ASE - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1, give you the tools you need to install, configure, manage, and administer this powerful solution. An upgrade certification, HP ASE - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1- upgrade from HP ASE - TippingPoint Security V1, is also available.


We sat down recently with Bryan Rigney, ESP Director of Education, to talk about these new TippingPoint certifications opportunities and the training and now available for HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall.


What’s unique about this new TippingPoint product and certification?

We specialize in protecting networks. The firewall portion of the device is brand new and has been embedded with our industry-proven intrusion prevention technology. It’s all-purpose edge protection for a network. It’s unique because, instead of having to go to multiple places to manage intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, application protection, and so on, we’re putting all our proven concepts in one easy-to-use package.


Who should consider getting certified?

Experienced networking and security professionals, including network administrators who need to optimize the performance of our security devices. Typically, people have three to five years of experience in the networking space and are then ready to start working their way up to edge protection.


What courses should security specialists take to prepare for the certification exam?

At the entry level, our two-day HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall ATP Security Training is designed for professionals who don’t really know our devices, but who have networking and data center knowledge, and some administrative and security experience. This course focuses on how the device works and how to use it in their environment, everything from adoption, designing a solution to getting it working and monitoring. This course is also a great place to start for networking professionals who are certified on HP networking topics and have an emphasis on firewalls, routers, and switching. This course will help you prepare for the HP ATP - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1certification exam.


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The HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall ASE Security Training five day, expert level course is designed for professionals who already have ATP level experience—either hands-on or through the course. The course is for professionals who need deep knowledge of the technology so they can optimize it effectively. We strongly recommend three-to-five years of experience plus HP ASE - TippingPoint Security V1 training before taking this course.


The HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall ASE Security Training will also help you prepare for the HP ASE - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1certification exam. This is a proctored exam in which we are testing for engineering-level knowledge. It’s not enough to know how to get it installed or how to get it working. Candidates need to know why it works, how it works, and how best to optimize it.


What should candidates do to prepare for the exam besides the recommended courses?

It’s important to have strong foundational skill sets: strong networking and routing knowledge, and strong security knowledge. Candidates should brush up on their routing and TCPIP knowledge. They’ll need strong networking and firewall skills due to the advanced configurations of the device and hands-on tactical experience is key.


What is the value of certification for individuals and organizations?

For the individual, certification demonstrates that they possess a very challenging set of skills. It’s like saying, “here’s proof that I know how to adopt, manage, and optimize a very sophisticated enterprise firewall product. Security and risk management skills are highly sought after in networking so an individual certification can add to their career development and expansion. For organizations, they often have compliance requirements, and they need employees with certifications to meet those requirements. Also, with heightened threats to secure networks, having a certified professional on staff gives extra assurance that the network infrastructure is protected.


What other resources do you recommend for professionals wanting more information on TippingPoint NGF and the related certifications?

Candidates should visit our HP TippingPoint Threat Management Center. It’s got plenty of links to FAQs, white papers, how-to’s and software downloads. From the TMC they can also gain access to our threat link portal, which is available free to all registered Threat Management Center users. Imagine if you will, lighthouse boxes all over the world feeding real time data back into the threat link portal, and then you’ll start to understand the power of what we’re offering. Users can go to the portal and see what threats are active. It’s a wonderful thing. 


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