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HP0-Y43 Concerns

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HP0-Y43 Concerns

For the Self Study material and the test itself:

1. The book is laced with errors, too many to count or recognize at this time.

2. It is NOTHING more than the old wirebound material with some added illustration and explanation

3. There is information missing in the book.

4. The test itself has errors in it


For #3 - THere were questions, of which I can't divulge, where I went back to the book and scoured the ENTIRE thing and could not locate ONE SINGLE instance of the answer.


For #4 - There are questions on the test where you can see the obvious answer but the answer is NOT in the set of answers given to you. I labbed out the ones I remembered and verified my answer; however, once again, that answer was NOT there on the test. The only answer that came close had 75% of the answer in it; however, the last 25% was wrong (last octet).


Not sure what is going on but I think a review by NON-HP personnel needs to be conducted on the HP Press Books and the ExpertONE exams.


Also, the way the test is scored is RIDICULOUS! NO OTHER vendor scores in this manner. Essentially, if you get a section that has ONE question and you miss that question, that single question could be worth up to 18% of your overall grade.

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Re: HP0-Y43 Concerns



Thanks so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it.


Can you let us know which Self Study material you were using?  That will help us investigate further.


Again, we really value the time you took to give us your feedback.  Don't hesitate to message me directly with any additional questions or concerns.




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