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HP2-H20 full study materials for preparing to HP exam?

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HP2-H20 full study materials for preparing to HP exam?

Hi, I'm looking for study materials for HP2-H20, Sales Essentials of HP Workstations.

The recommended training to help prepare for this exam in the Learning Center isn't full to pass HP2-H20.

Where I can find full materials for preparing this exam?


Any thoughts?

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Re: HP2-H20 full study materials for preparing to HP exam?



If you go to and click on the radio button for HP Partner Restricted (Affiliate) and check off Desktops and Workstations that will bring up the list of certifications available.  Click on HP Sales Certified [2012] and that will bring you into Certification detail page.  Click on Complete Requirements to see the complete list of 5 courses which will help you with the exam.  If you click on Exam Details, right beside the exam title, this will display a pop up that will give you access to the Exam Prep guide.


I hope this helps and good luck with the exam!  Keep us posted on your progress!



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