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HPE Press Books vs HPE Press Courseware

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HPE Press Books vs HPE Press Courseware

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out what the differnce is between the HPE Press Books vs HPE Press Courseware. I am looking into the following

Architecting Advanced HPE Server Solutions, Rev. 16.21

I see that the eBook is $69.99 and the courseware book is $330.00 so other than the price what is best to use to studying for the exam or is having both a good idea?




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Re: HPE Press Books vs HPE Press Courseware

Hi Ray,

Ideally both would good to use.

However, it is the HPE Press Books that is the exam study guide.

The HPE Press Courseware book is the Instructor Led Training student guide that a student would receive as part of the ILT training they would attend. So this would be used as part of the course.

So in summary - the HPE Press Book is the one to purchase to prepare for the exam, if you are not looking to attend the ILT course.


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