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HPOO Certification Inofrmation

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HPOO Certification Inofrmation

Hi Team 

I am intended to do HPOO certification in Month if December.

I want some information regarding the same.

Someone  who has already given examm Please post some details regarding exam pattern, Areas to concentrate on and actual difficulties while performing the exam.

Please hel me in same.

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: HPOO Certification Inofrmation

Hi Kedar,

I'm in the same position at the moment. Althought I can't provide any details of the exam from personal experience (I'm looking to take the exam soon too), the itinery of what you can expect to be questioned on is on the below link (assuming you're taking Advanced Operations Orchestration 10.X Software Exam).




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Re: HPOO Certification Inofrmation

I've passed exams for ATP & ASE OOv9 and ASE v10 (also others for SA, NA, CSA, up to level Master ASE)

Looks like now it not a mandatory prerequisite to have the entry exam/certificate (ATP or AIS) to get the advanced one (ASE); years ago it was need to follow the path even if by knowledge and expertise you were ready to pass directly the advanced exam.

In any case, I recommend take first the entry exam, as you’ll get familiar with type of questions/answers: is not the same to know the product by using it than how is expressed in written form, search in common paths and files for errors or configs than point directly to the exact file name.

ATP exam can be done in any “Pearson VUE” enabled center (included HPE locations), with great flexibility of available dates. Registration and payment is kind of self-service by the web.

But ASE exam is only on HPE locations (as far as I know) and on few selected dates (aprox one each two months, sometimes planned dates canceled if not enough participants registered). So probably you can take ATP exam in few days, and register for next ASE exam in several weeks. As HPE employee I follow an internal process to register to ASE exams, don't know how works for non-employees, hopefully registration and contact links works for your situation.

Links to current OOv10 certifications and exams, which contain many more details.