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How To Drive IT Decisions with Business Leaders


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The IT decision-making process has radically changed. The decision maker in the new style of business is taking a very different approach with a new set of criteria. The conversation they want to have is very different and it all starts with business outcomes.
To become a true solution seller and customer partner we need to be able to have four key conversations with our customers. We must master all four of these conversations so that we can go all the way and ultimately connect HP solutions to opportunities.

There is a radical shift in IT decision-making occurring, Lines of Business (LOB) leaders are taking a more active, lead role in IT decisions and how discovery is done. This discovery guide focuses on how to initiate conversations with your customers that identify their intended business outcomes and connect them to HP’s Transformation Areas and ultimately lead to the next conversation.


What’s In It For Me?

Maximize your deal potential: In general, there is more budget potential in Corporate and LOB than in IT initiatives. By discovering and focusing on business outcomes, there is a greater chance of increasing a deal’s size.

Set the IT agenda versus following it: Executives want their problems solved, not to be pitched on a product. Executives want a salesperson who understands their business problems and offers a clear path to solving them. Meeting with customer executives early in the sales process enables you to define the solution criteria that address their business problems.

Increase your value: When you solve for business outcomes, you are working at a strategic level that customers welcome. You also support HP’s agenda to be relevant in CXO conversations with our broad, differentiating portfolio.


Our customers have given us unique insight into the four most important areas for their business. At HP we've packaged up this material and are providing it to you as the 4 Transformation Areas. Customers are ready to have the conversation. Are you ready to lead it?


At HP, we see the customer’s journey to the New Style of Business through four Transformation.jpgTransformation Areas. These areas can help IT transform into a value creator, helping contain costs by running their traditional IT efficiently, while creating the outcomes your customer wants for their business. Be ready to lead the conversation around four areas that customers have told us are the most important to their business.


Complete the 5-minute Awareness Training videos & test questions for each of the four Transformation Areas today.


Transform Hybrid Infrastructure

Infrastructure matters more than ever in this new world, but customers need a new kind of infrastructure – a hybrid foundation that maximizes performance and minimizes cost. A hybrid infrastructure balances the need for agile cloud-based applications with traditional on premise applications.


Protect your digital enterprise

Protection is top of mind—all businesses must manage the emerging risks created by the proliferation of apps, new consumption models and the shift to mobile and cloud. The threat landscape is wider and more diverse than ever before.


Empower the data-driven organization

More companies are recognizing that they need to empower a data-driven organization. Rapid evolution in technology has created a distributed, digital world—data is everywhere, and presents new opportunities to capture value, as well as new sources of risk.


Enable workplace productivity

The workplace is everywhere and delivering a superior user experience - everywhere, anytime, on any device - is a major driver of productivity. To be competitive, the modern enterprise needs to support ubiquitous access, seamless communication, and high-performing applications, all without jeopardizing data security and corporate assets.


Drive bigger wins and deliver the business outcomes your customers care about most. The HP Transformation Areas are a complete new package of resources and tools, to help you create more customer opportunities, drive bigger deals and be more competitive with the full power of HP solutions. Leverage the 4 Transformation Areas to help increase your average deal size and margin.


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