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Interrupting your regularly scheduled program to bring you part three of tackling the big challenges


From a delivery model gap perspective, HP is already doing a lot of things right (in my humble opinion—which, as you well know by now, is not necessarily the opinion of my employer).  HP has already embraced virtual learning with remote assisted instructor-led training, WBTs, and self-study guides. 


With the ExpertONE announcement, HP has also said it will focus on increasing informal learning opportunities through communities, as well as on making the right information accessible in the right place at the right time with training delivered to hand-helds and other portable devices.  Which is exactly the kind of strategic technologies that Gartner has said are going to be important in the coming year.   A Gartner Blog  posted today shared the top ten strategic technologies for 2011 that were released at their Symposium this week in Orlando.  Three of the top four strategic technologies identified (mobile applications and media tablets, social communications and collaboration, and video) are extremely close to the ExpertONE strategy for employing new mechanisms for both formal and informal learning.   Perhaps this just backs up the old adage that “great minds think alike,” or perhaps (and here’s what I really believe) it serves as additional validation that HP is on the absolute right track with the ExpertONE strategy.


As HP launches these new delivery modalities, I’ll be right here to tell you about them. 


Your regular scheduled programming (part two) will resume on Monday.


Until next time,



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Rebekah leads the Global Product Development team for the HP ExpertOne program and has an extensive background in training and human performance improvement. In addition to her work experience, Rebekah earned her Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement in 2006.

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