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It takes two to have a conversation


First up, I'm not from "Generation Y". I didn't use any form of electronic communications until I was already 5 years into my working life.


Hard to imagine for some I bet. Life with no voicemail, no email, no facebook, and worst of all no mobile phone. It was more peaceful though :smileyvery-happy:


The pager was the way to get my attention in my customer engineering days, and you knew it was urgent if it went off. Then the hunt for a public pay phone that worked!!


Life is so busy and there's never enough hours to get work done, yet I have to find a way to keep my community informed and I want to connect so I can perform my job in the best possible way. So I would really value some inputs on the best way to converse with you all out there.


When I've got something important to tell you, what's the best way of letting you know? How will you pick it up quickly without leaving your normal patterns and social tools?


I still think there's life left for email, but I need to be very selective in its use, otherwise my voice get's lost in the sea of information.


So I'll pause a moment and listen to you....

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With nearly 20 years learning and development experience in HP, Mike leads ExpertONE global marketing program planning and execution.

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