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Most Convenient Certificate

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Most Convenient Certificate

Hello All,


First of all thanks for hearing our thoughts and concerns.

I am looking to get a certification but my manager is giving me the choice and I am a bit confused on what to choose.

I would like it to be very relevant to what I do so that I guarantee success.

What I have been doing is ISS Presales back-office activities, and recently more cusomer facing.

Can someone recommend a good/not so difficult certificate for me?

Your help is appreciated.



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Re: Most Convenient Certificate



It's hard to make a recommendation as the HP ExpertOne certifications are varied depending on job role.  What I would suggest to get started would be to check our certification explorer tool.  You can find it at  Click on the Certification tab and then click on "View Certifications".


From there you can start to narrow your search on the left hand side by clicking on which type of certification you are interested in and which specific technology you're interested in.  There are a number of server certifications in both the Affiliate (Partner/Employee restricted) catalogue as well as in the technical Career catalogue.


Once you've had a chance to review some options, feel free to ask questions about any of the certifications and we'll be happy to help!





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