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Need Dataprotector DUMPS HP0 -M36 or M37

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Need Dataprotector DUMPS HP0 -M36 or M37

HI Friends,

Kindly help me I need HP0 -M36 or HP0-M37 Dumps to prepare the exam.If any one written exam this exam latest please help me.




P.S. This threade has been moved from Data Protector Support and News Forum to HP ExpertOne Certification Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator

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Re: Need Dataprotector DUMPS HP0 -M36 or M37

I am also in need of same .


I want to complete my certification . Please help us .



Narasimha Raju



Re: Need Dataprotector DUMPS HP0 -M36 or M37

Hi Anand


Please chek with below centre they may help you...


From forum administrator

I have removed the email and website information referencing exam dumps.


Stay away from and avoid any exam dumps or exams for sale. The only approved method endorsed by HP is the HP Press Study guides, exam prep guides and approved courseware.

Using exam dumps or exams for sale off the Internet will put you and your partner organization at risk. It is also considered cheating.

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Re: Need Dataprotector DUMPS HP0 -M36 or M37

The ExpertOne Exam policies don't allow candidates to use "dumps" or 3rd party exam prep materials to prepare for an exam.  Please check out the Exam Security Policy for more information.


This being said,

a) you may want to instead review karlkovacs' excellent blog posts discussing the best practices and ways to improve your success rate when taking an HP ExpertOne (or any) certification exam.


Be Exam-prepared Strong! 5-steps to being prepared to pass your certification exams and win!


Dump the Dumps! Here’s a Better Way to Prepare for an HP ExpertOne Exam Blog


And if you don't believe in certifications, read his post on "4 Reasons Why Certification Matter". I think he can convince you why certifications are important.


b) HP0-M36 is inactive (you cannot take it anymore) and HP0-M37 is not part of any HP attainable certification path.

I'd dare say that spending time on HP0-M36 and HP0-M37 dumps wouldn't be a brilliant idea....


To e.g. attain the HP ATP - Data Protector Software v7 certification, you have to clear HP0-M66