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Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

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Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

Hi All,


I am new to this forum. i want to get certified on HP UFT testing but I am not sure which one is avialable. Could you all please provide any advice on certification for automation testing or where can i find the exam materials for UFT to prepare for the exam.



P.S. This thread has been moved from Unified Functional Testing (formerly QTP) News and Support Forum to HP ExpertOne Certification Forum. -HP Forum Moderator


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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

I would recommend reading this blog post on HP Loadrunner certifications. 


HP AIS - Loadrunner v11

This certification verifies that you can automate performance validation and scalability tests with HP LoadRunner, and that you can apply your knowledge in load test/system tuning cycles to measure end-to-end performance, identify application, and system bottlenecks to prevent issues. It validates that you have the ability to do the following:
  • Setup the VuGen recording configuration
  • Configure the playback, using run-time settings and log messages to expose and identify the source of automation critical issues
  • Create a virtual user, enhancing the script with transactions, parameterizations, and correlation
  • Use internal functions to implement user emulation requirements
  • Illustrate how to plan a load test
  • Describe the LoadRunner components and install them
  • Configure and execute various load scenarios
  • Use the tool to analyze test results and create session reports

For more information, visit the HP Software Education Services website for specific training and up to date certification information.


For a complete overview of HP Unified functional testing, visit our home page.


Click here for more information on HP ExpertOne training and certifications .

Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

Hi Roshan, 

For the HP AIS - Functional testing v11

Please see certification details, requirements and recommended trainings on:

But we're waiting for v12, that is probably due shortly...


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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

Does anyone has study material ebook etc using which we can prepare for this exam.

Im learing UFT myself and don't have any prior experience with QTP/UFT.

Can I prepare and give this certification exam ?


I have some prior programming experiece not in vb script but in some non Microsoft programming language.

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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

I think That link older, not active .

Could you please share recent Active UFT certification.



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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

Hi @Wiinaikkumar

I've found the following blog post that I think is relevant and useful (for you and others) in this context:

UFT Certification is Suspended: Here is All You Should Know
by Ankur Jain | Last Updated On  | Announcements/Launch | 0 comments

From that blog post:

Ever since the merger of HPE with Micro Focus has completed, several things have changed for people working on tools offered by the erstwhile HPE. Micro Focus has suspended almost all the software certification programs that were offered by HPE earlier.

There is a silver lining, however. All certifications will be available in a fresh new avatar soon.

We have curated a common list of questions and answers from our email exchanges with Micro Focus support and various FAQ documents provided by them.

Here are some key points you should note:

  1. Going forward, software certifications that were offered by erstwhile HPE will no longer be available for enrollment on PearsonVUE nor on the HPE Certification and Learning websites. Henceforth, all certification exams will be administered and hosted in View Central by Micro Focus
  2. ATP and ASE exams offered by HPE are being rebranded as ASP and ASE exams respectively at Micro Focus.
  3. In case you have already achieved certification from HPE, those will be retained by Software Education at Micro Focus. However, they will not be reflected on the new learner profiles on the Software Education LMS (ViewCentral). You can send an email to Software Education support   for manual recording of historical results into your current ViewCentral profile. Micro Focus will also validate and confirm any verification queries from Talent Acquisition teams
  4. Depending upon the regional needs, historical exam-take-rate and resource availability various certification exams will be prioritized and re-launched. Certification exam transition will continue through 2017 and 2018. Micro Focus has started with Big Data and ESP exams.
  5. UFT, ALM certification exams are expected to become active offerings by early 2018.


I hope this is helpful.

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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

Thanks  @ricmarques for quick respones .

So This year (2017) HP-UFT certification not avaliable to write.  Can you please help me  when we expected do have any information  current state of this.





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Re: Preparation for UFT or QTP certification exam

Hi @Wiinaikkumar

Unfortunately, I'm probably not the best person to answer your question (I'm neither an HP/HPE nor Micro Focus Employee - and I also do not have any Certifications from HPE yet).

Having said that, I might suggest that you try visiting the following Community:

Functional Testing - UFT, etc - Micro Focus SW Community

The "UFT Practitioners Forum" inside that Community may be particularly relevant:

UFT Practitioners Forum - Micro Focus SW Community

I consider that the following blog post by "MaryR" (Mary Rasmussen - "worldwide product marketing manager for HPE Software Education") is also relevant in this context:

Discover the New Software Education Accreditation & Certification Program - Micro Focus SW Community

I hope that helps somewhat. I'm sorry for not being able to help more.