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QTP Certification

Hello All,
Am Tarun , working as Manual QC , now want to improve my skills into automation , am very much thank full if you help into it.
Till now have searched many available option from running current market trande , and found HP-QTP is most suited to me .
Pls help me hunting answer for below question ?

How can i do the QTP certification ?
What all the pre-condition to appearing into exam ?
What all the study material ?



Re: QTP Certification

Hi  @TarunS ,

Let me begin this reply of mine by warning that I'm neither an HP/HPE or Micro Focus employee or contractor.

As far as I can tell, the QTP (QuickTest Professional) software was later renamed to UFT (Unified Functional Testing) - - and that software offering was "moved" from HP/HPE to Micro Focus - - following the HPE and Micro Focus "spin-merge" of 2017 -

I have found the following comprehensive article:

Comprehensive Guide: UFT Certification v12.x (formerly QTP Certification)

... that has the first rather relevant paragraph:

[box] Important Update August 2019: As of August 2019, Exam code UFT120-12.5-ASP is the latest exam offered by Micro Focus and all the previous exams are inactive now. Check this link on Micro Focus UFT 12.5 Certification: UFT120-12.5-ASP [ ] for more details.[/box]

I've also found the following thread in the "Micro Focus Community" Discussion Forums:

UFT Certification - Micro Focus Community

... that mentions the following official Micro Focus web page about Certifications::

Micro Focus Education - Certifications

... that includes, among others, a section of "APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT TEST & DELIVERY" that lists four credentials including the following one, that is the most relevant for the purpose of our discussion:


This exam verifies and validates that you can understand how to install UFT, create new automated tests, and use the application as an automated functional testing tool. 
Read more here:

The course and exam are recommended Quality Assurance Engineers or any new users of UFT. "

I hope this helps.