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Science Museum London; a fitting location for the launch of HP Institute


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the global launch of the HP Institute Program at the Science Museum in London. The sun was shining, we had our first and probably last day of summer, and I was surrounded by innovation and examples of what we can achieve if we come together as one.


Employability, skills gap, finding the right talent to match an organisation's needs are at the top of everyone's agenda in today's fast moving connected world; and the time is right for IT vendors to connect with governments, trade associations and education establishments to collaborate and make a difference for the good of all.


It is such a win-win, companies need IT workers productive from day one, they cannot afford to spend 6 - 12 months re-training graduates and school leavers on how to apply their knowledge to solve their business problems. Schools, colleges and universities are rightly under surmounting pressure to provide an IT-savvy, job-ready workforce to Industry, and IT vendors have a duty and an interest to help make this happen.


The HP Institute program ticks all the boxes, consistent with the HP ExpertONE philosophy, its goals are simple - Provide IT experts to companies seeking their IT expertise! What's different is opening up accessibility to folks at the formative stages of their future IT careers, that is what is so exciting.


I started my career in education with HP 20 years ago, and it may sound corny but the reason was to help others be successful. It was that or moving into HR, I'm sure glad I took the right path there! HP Institute is placed in an academic setting, addressing the needs of small & medium sized companies, who require expertise to architect end-end IT solutions; not as complex as an Expertise organisation perhaps, but with just as many moving parts....some on the ground and some in the cloud! 


So where's the innovation I hear you cry? I think it lies in tackling the issues head on, providing opportunities for real-world practical experience; and not just text-book learning but applying knowledge to address real business needs through the use of remote labs and business-context content. You may have noticed I haven't spoken of Certification, and yes that is an end product in itself, but the journey there and after is just as important if we are to truly address the needs of the world's economy through the next decade and beyond.


Don't take my word for it, join the debate. You can start right here by viewing a short video on the HP Institute program, or take a look at some initial web pages here.


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With nearly 20 years learning and development experience in HP, Mike leads ExpertONE global marketing program planning and execution.

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