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Tackling the big challenges one by one – part one: content gaps


Today’s IT training certifications and training programs are hopelessly product-oriented.  The people I talk with complain that IT training simply isn’t keeping pace with the rapid rate of change.   HP is redesigning its certification programs under the ExpertONE program name to be more inclusive of open, multi-vendor IT environments and the converged infrastructure.  So why does this matter?  Well, from my perspective (and remember, my views are not necessarily those of my employer—see how sneaky I am at working that disclaimer in?) the data center of the future is going to require both depth and breadth from a technical perspective and product-focused certifications simply aren’t going to cut it.  Certifications, even if they provide deep technical content in a particular technology area, will need to help IT professionals see how the work they does has implications across the entire data center.


As for the multi-vendor environment part…well, multi-vendor infrastructures are simply a reality in today’s datacenter (unless of course you are HP and can minimize costs by deploying all of your own gear—but come on,  there aren’t any other companies who can do what we did.  If they could they would.).  But I digress…back to multi-vendor environments… with 70% of IT spend in maintenance; smart IT decision-makers are deploying gear from multiple-vendors simply to cut costs, but the amazing thing is that when everything comes together in a converged way (yes, I HAD to go there), it’s a thing of beauty—resulting not just in reduced costs, but also in increased efficiencies across the data center.  HP ExpertONE certifications are designed to help IT professionals learn the skills for interoperability and migration that essentially double the skill-set; equipping them to operate in open, multi-vendor environments.

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Cert Doctor
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Rebekah leads the Global Product Development team for the HP ExpertOne program and has an extensive background in training and human performance improvement. In addition to her work experience, Rebekah earned her Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement in 2006.

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